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PDK101 provides quality silicon physical verification, Design Automation, EDA flow/methodology design and review and Design Quality Audit services.

Original created August 1 2009
Last Update March 23 2011
by Martin Chu

(1) A PDK/CAD/IP infrastructure is essential to company’s long term competency. It should be a sincere part of company’s roadmap and strategy. There is not a successful electronics design company without a clear, solid, quality and consistent PDK/EDA/IP infrastructure in place.

(2) Company gains competence by avoiding mistakes and producing NEEDED, VALUE and QUALITY products in time for customers. Successful companies avoid and learned from previous or other company’s mistakes. While ordinary companies consistently make mistakes! This also true for all nations, political parties and individuals.

(3) A successful product design is a result of excellent TEAM executions and GROUP effort. This is particularly true for fast track and high risk product design. Not any single person or group can claim the ownership for the success. It is to every team members’ best interest to foster a fair, encouraging, innovative, and rewarding culture.

(4) In today’s global environment, most parties companies dealing with are smart and knowledgeable. High quality products have their market segment. Value products also have their market segment. However, less and less market segments are for poor electronics. Companies need to push quality, valuable and affordable products as fast as company can. If there are major defects or issues in final products, sooner or later customers will find out and companies will be on Newspaper front pages!

(5) It is always better to catch all errors at early stage than late in design and product cycle. It is always cost more to correct design mistakes at very last product stage. Products recalls even damage a company’s corporate image.

(6) If a failure mode is already reported in design or test, then a check for that failure mode should be incorporated into PDK/CAD or design/system validation. Learning by failure is a costly and sometime not necessary process.

(7) The Quality of the final product is as good as your initial design goal, design process and its verification. It is almost impossible to design a complete high speed and high performance SOC using an obsolete EDA system. This is just like you can not use a design system for motorcycle to design a space shuttle. That is going to be a design disaster!

(8) Bad or incorrect simulation model leads to fail chip or un-necessary failure debugging. Wrong or incorrect design specification leads to product mis-function. Wrong or misleading market prediction lead to complete waste of development resource and other opportunity cost.

(9) Quality PDK deck can catch layout related mistakes. Carefully review DRC/ERC and LVS result are essential for first PG success. Also using automation can help human to do more, however also need to apply common sense in all situation. Blindly trust simulation or verification without double checking is dangerous to final qualification of products.

How to control the quality and verify a PDK.

Commonly used EDA Tools for full customer IC design

What a good EDA/CAD flow should have.

IC Design useful information

Basic Analog Building blocks:
Operational Amplifier Design

A/D and D/A converter

Charge pump
Phase Lock Loop

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